Champlain Local Health Integration Network
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Board Meeting Highlights

February 22, 2012 – Ottawa


The Champlain LHIN is helping to transform the regional health system by improving access to services. The LHIN Board of Directors heard about two innovative and expanding programs: telemedicine and non-urgent transportation to health services.  The first uses technology to bring care closer to home, and the second makes it easier for people to get to the care they need.  

Telemedicine – Through telemedicine, patients can ‘visit’ a physician specialist or other health professional through two-way videoconferencing. What’s new is that fifteen nurses are being hired by five new telemedicine coordinating sites across the region. Hawkesbury & District General Hospital, North Lanark Community Health Centre, Pembroke General Hospital, and South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre will serve as coordinating agencies for their sub-regional areas to support the nurses and the telemedicine programs. The Ottawa Hospital will play a lead role in coordinating the health-professional consultant services delivered from Ottawa.  Four clinical areas of priority have been chosen: addictions and mental health; complex health conditions; diabetes; and pre- and post-surgery assessments. The program, overseen by the Regional Telemedicine Coordinating Committee, also aims to lower wait times for specialist appointments and reduce driving distances for clients.  

Non-Urgent Transportation – Many residents of the Champlain region face challenges when trying to find a ride to important medical appointments and health programs. That’s why the Champlain LHIN is spearheading the creation of a more coordinated, comprehensive and efficient non-urgent transportation system. Community support agencies are already providing rides to thousands of clients across the region every year with the help of hundreds of volunteers, and these numbers will increase significantly. Clients requiring dialysis, and seniors with dementia who attend day programs are just two of the client groups that will benefit from the expanded service. The Champlain Community Support Network is leading the project, and Carefor Renfrew has been assigned as the coordinator agency for the Champlain region.


French Designation of Public Service Agencies - Carlington Community Health Centre in Ottawa has presented a plan to the Champlain LHIN to become fully designated under the French Language Services Act. The French Language Health Services Network of Eastern Ontario (Eastern Ontario’s French Language Health Planning Entity, also known as Le Réseau) worked with staff at Carlington Community Health Centre to develop its plan. The goal is to ensure Francophone clients can receive services in French in all programs offered at the centre. The Champlain LHIN Board of Directors supported the proposal, which now goes to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for further review.     

Hospital Services Accountability Agreements - The Champlain LHIN Board of Directors approved the accountability agreement between the Champlain LHIN and Bruyère Continuing Care for the fiscal year 2011-12. No reductions in services were necessary in order to balance the hospital’s budget. Accountability agreements are important as they contain both operating budgets and performance obligations. All 20 hospitals in the Champlain region have now submitted balanced-budget plans for 2011-12.