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Eleven thousand years ago, the Champlain Sea covered most of what is now the Ottawa Valley all the way to the St. Lawrence...

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Developing IHSP 2016-19

Developing the Integrated Health Service Plan 2016-19

Every three years, LHINs across the province develop an Integrated Health Service Plan ...

Year In Review 2014-15

Year In Review: 2014-15

Last year’s outcomes show important progress in better meeting the health care needs of patients, clients, families and communities.


Health System Improvement Proposals: 2015 Update!

Health Care Providers, be sure to read the 2015 update to the HSIP process ...

Popular Topics

Popular Topics

Senior & Complex Care, Mental Health & Addiction Services, Regional Programs, Diabetes & Other Chronic Conditions, Technology & Wait T...


MRI Wait Times by Location

Easier access to information related to MRI availability and wait times in Champlain.


Performance & Accomplishments

... of the Champlain Health System - June 2015

Ch Health Links

Health Links

Better care for the most complex patients, including seniors with multiple needs ...

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