French Language Health Services

Access to quality French-language health services directly impacts the health of Francophones. In Champlain, that means it affects nearly 20% of the population.

The LHIN works to fulfill this need as part of its vision “healthy people and healthy communities supported by a quality, accessible health system”, and its responsibilities under the French Language Services Act, 1986 and the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006. To learn more about the LHIN’s legislated requirements, click here.

Since 2010, the LHIN has worked in close collaboration with the French Language Health Services Network of Eastern Ontario (Le Réseau), the French Language Health Planning Entity for the Champlain and South East LHINs (to learn more, read the Funding and Accountability Agreement).

The goal is to ensure that health service planning reflects the needs and priorities of the Francophone population.

2015-16 Highlights

The LHIN partners with Le Réseau in many planning and community engagement initiatives. With the LHIN, Le Réseau:

  • Worked with the LHIN to host consultations with Francophone-community members in the development of the IHSP
  • Regularly collaborated to implement the LHIN’s Francophone Linguistic Variable Pilot Project, which collects information on linguistic identity to better inform planning and decision-making
  • Worked with the LHIN to support health service providers in fulfilling the new French-language service designation process, in which all French-language designated agencies must re-submit their designation plan every three years and attest to compliance with their designation.

For more information, please contact Myriam Taillon, French Language Health Services Advisor, (, 613.745.8124 ext 3227, or toll-free 1.800.538.0520 ext 3227).