To facilitate negotiation of the Multi-Sectoral Service Accountability Agreements (MSAAs), each LHIN-funded health service provider is required to submit a planning document known as the Community Accountability Planning Submission (CAPS).

Central themes of the CAPS are service planning, measurement and evaluation of health services, and organizational performance.

The CAPS, together with the MSAA, form the basis of a multi-year funding and planning framework.

This framework supports the LHIN’s and the province’s efforts to enhance stability and accountability of the health system by:

  • Providing a more sustainable financial footing, and
  • Facilitating alignment of the provision of health services.

If you have questions, please contact your assigned LHIN Accountability Specialist.

CAPS Resources

MSAA 2019-20

MSAA 2018-19 Refresh

MSAA 2017-18 Refresh

Community Quarterly Reporting

The Community Analysis Tool (CAT) - Lite is an Excel-based reporting tool designed to work with the CAPS and MSAA. It is used to facilitate the quarterly reporting process for the community providers.

CAT-Lite Tool use is mandatory for community providers (CSS, CMH&A, and CHC). It can be found on the Self-Reporting Initiative (SRI) website.

Training materials can be found on the HSIMI website.