Health System Improvement Proposals

The Champlain LHIN works with multiple partners and networks to determine program priorities. These priorities are outlined in our three-year Integrated Health Service Plan and Annual Business Plan.

To date, the LHIN has welcomed Health System Improvement Proposals (HSIPs) from providers, and we continue to welcome new ideas and approaches.

However, the amount of funding available for unsolicited requests this year is minimal. As a result, for 2018-19, the LHIN:

  • Will not be in a position to consider annualized, base-funding proposals through the unsolicited HSIP process. Such requests, if submitted, will help inform our future planning, but we will not formally evaluate them at this time.

Please do not use an HSIP form for reallocation of in-year surpluses. These should be discussed with your LHIN Senior Accountability Specialist.

If you are unsure your request needs an HSIP, contact your LHIN Senior Accountability Specialist.


To ensure your proposal is as strong as possible, you need to complete all sections of the HSIP form. The LHIN uses the information you provide to evaluate and score your proposal.

Weights for scores are approved by the Champlain LHIN Board of Directors, and align with the LHIN Priority Setting and Decision Making Framework.

Evaluation results are used to help prioritize projects for funding. In addition to being reviewed for approval in the current fiscal year, HSIP submissions are also used to help identify priorities for future LHIN Annual Business Plans.