Patient and Family Advisory Committee

PFACAre you interested in improving our region’s health services?

Do you have ideas on how to make our health system better, enjoy working with others and want to make a difference?

Patients, caregivers and families are essential partners in care: bring your voice to health care service transformation.

We are seeking patients and family members to participate in the Champlain LHIN’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee.

This committee will assist the LHIN in shaping its programs, services and initiatives to improve health care for people in our region.


The Champlain LHIN's mandate is to provide home and community care services, and to plan, integrate and allocate funds for health services delivery by hospitals, addiction and mental health agencies, community support services, community health centers and long-term care homes located in the Champlain region. We are working to build a coordinated, integrated and accountable health system for people where and when they need it.

The Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) will work with the LHIN to:

  • Support creative engagement and inclusion of patients and caregivers in system improvement within the Champlain LHIN.
  • Provide advice on recommendations about health care access or service delivery improvements from the patient and/or family caregiver perspective.
  • Work with the LHIN CEO, LHIN staff, service providers and partners on strategies and practical ideas for improving patient care, and caregiver recognition and support.
  • Expected to meet at least four to six times per year.

Selection Process

  • Selected candidates will reflect the diversity of our community, including Indigenous Peoples, Francophones, and newcomers, as well as representatives across the LHIN’s five sub-regions who have patient, family/caregiver experiences in Champlain LHIN health care settings.
  • Practicing health care professionals, employees or board members of health care agencies will not be considered. 
  • After applications are received, interviews will be scheduled. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the interview via telephone call, regular mail or email. 
  • The first PFAC meeting is scheduled for October 2017. Meetings will be held in Ottawa, and technology options will be fully utilized to ensure a broad range of participation options for all members.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Lise Racicot, LHIN Patient and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator (, or 613.745.8124 x 5991 [toll free 1.866.994.8124 x 5991]).