Long-Term Care Homes

Long-term care homes are where adults can live, receive 24-hour nursing, personal care, and help with their daily activities. These homes are also called nursing homes, municipal homes for the aged, or charitable homes. For more information about long-term care homes, visit the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website.

The Champlain LHIN has a service accountability agreement in place with each health service provider it funds.

Almonte Country Haven

Bayfield Manor

Bess and Moe Greenberg Family Hillel Lodge

Bonnechere Manor

Caressant Care Bourget 3

Caressant Care Cobden

Carleton Lodge 4

Carlingview Manor 4

Centre d'accueil Champlain 4

Centre d’accueil Roger-Séguin 1

Champlain Long-Term Care Residence 1

Dundas Manor Nursing Home

Élisabeth Bruyère Residence 1

Extendicare Laurier Manor 4

Extendicare Medex

Extendicare New Orchard Lodge 4

Extendicare Starwood

Extendicare West End Villa 4

Fairview Manor

Forest Hill

Four Seasons Lodge 4

Garden Terrace

Garry J Armstrong Home 4

Glebe Centre

Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge 4

Granite Ridge Care Community

Grove Arnprior & District Nursing Home

Groves Park Lodge 4

Heartwood 4

Kemptville District Hospital Long-Term Care

Lancaster Long-Term Care Residence 1

Longfields Manor

Madonna Care Community 3

Marianhill 3

Marochel Manor 4

Maxville Manor 4

Miramichi Lodge

Montfort Long-Term Care Home 1

North Renfrew Long-Term Care Centre

Osgoode Care Centre

Ottawa Grace Manor

Parisien Manor 4

Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre 4

Peter D Clark Centre 4

Pinecrest Nursing Home 1

Prescott & Russell Residence 4

Royal Ottawa Place

Sandfield Place 4

Sarsfield Colonial Home 4

St. Jacques Nursing Home 3

St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre 2

St. Louis Residence 1

St. Patrick's Home

St. Viateur Nursing Home 3

Stoneridge Manor

The Palace 1

Tsi Ion Kwa Nonh So:Te Adult Care Facility

Valley Manor

Villa Marconi 4

Woodland Villa

More Information

  • Looking for local health services? Visit Champlainhealthline.ca for online access, or call 310.2222 (no area code).


  • Legend for Provider’s French Language Service Designation Status

1 Guaranteed to offer all services in French (also known as being fully designated)

2 Guaranteed to offer some services in French (also known as being partially designated)

3 Offers some services in French and is seeking designation (also known as being identified)

4 Offers some services in French and has no designation (also known as being non-identified)

Providers with no number means they may or may not offer services in French.

Click here to learn more about designation and the LHIN’s work in French Language Health Services.