Annual Reports

The Champlain LHIN is pleased to provide annual accounts of its accomplishments, activities and financial results.

We aim to share our annual reports with the public, as soon as possible. Before being posted publicly, each annual report must go through an approval process that ends with the endorsement of the Ontario government's Cabinet. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care then notifies the LHINs that their annual reports are ready to publish.

  • 2015-16
    In this report, we illustrate the health journeys of real people, exemplifying our work in each of the six Champlain LHIN’s Key Result Areas, as well as in Health Links.
  • 2014-15
    Working to better meet the needs of patients, clients, families and communities.

  • 2013-14
    Achieving Results, Transforming Health Care - This report explores the LHIN’s activities, accomplishments and financial information for 2013-14.
  • 2012-13
    Supporting Healthy Communities - This report contains examples of person-centred programs designed to improve access to care and move us toward an integrated health system.
  • 2011-12
    Bringing Services Together for Healthy Communities - These highlights fall under the LHIN’s priorities outlined in our Integrated Health Service Plan 2010-2013.
  • 2010-11
    Finding Local Solutions to Local Health Care Challenges - This was a year of innovation and transition for the Champlain LHIN.
  • 2009-10
    Improving Health Care through Collaboration - The Champlain LHIN is pleased to provide the annual account of its accomplishments, activities and financial results.
  • 2008-09
    Today and for the Future - Annual Report 2008-09 outlines our accomplishments for the fiscal year.
  • 2006-07
    Working Together for Healthy Communities – this report highlights Champlain LHIN's objectives, accomplishments, community engagment and governance activities for 2006-07.
  • 2005-06
    A Mandate for Change - the Champlain LHIN 2005-06 Annual Report covers activities from August 22, 2005 to March 31, 2006.