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Eleven thousand years ago, the Champlain Sea covered most of what is now the Ottawa Valley all the way to the St. Lawrence...

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    Survey Said

    Patient Experience Survey

    Deadline extended: Survey now closes March 02, 2015.

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    Senior & Complex Care, Mental Health & Addiction Services, Regional Programs, Diabetes & Other Chronic Conditions, Technology & Wait T...

    Primary Care Engagement

    Calling all Primary Care Physicians and Nurse Practitioners!

    2015 Champlain Primary Care Congress - Friday, March 27

    Value of the LHINs1

    The Value of LHINs

    LHINs are the only organizations in Ontario that bring...

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    Better care for the most complex patients, including seniors with multiple needs ...


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    MRI Wait Times by Location

    Easier access to information related to MRI availability and wait times in Champlain.