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The Champlain LHIN’s mandate is to ensure health services are well-organized, appropriately funded, and meet the health needs of the 1.3 million residents who call this region home ...

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Champlain LHIN Sub-Regions

Champlain Sub-Regions

With the goal of improved patient and client health outcomes, sub-regions will serve as the focal point for integrated health service ...

Champlain Primary Care Congress Logo

2017 Champlain Primary Care Congress

Primary care doctors, NPs, specialists and other health providers - join us for this annual engagement and knowledge exchange event!

Popular Topics

Popular Topics

Senior Care, Mental Health & Addiction Services, Regional Programs, Diabetes & Other Chronic Conditions, Technology, Wait Times

Patient / Client Engagement Resources

Patient / Client Engagement Resources

This collection supports efforts to engage patients / clients, caregivers and families in the design, planning ...


MRI Wait Times by Location

Easier access to info related to regional MRI...



Champlain Health System Performance and Accomplishments...

Ch Health Links

Health Links

Bringing providers together to improve coordination of care for people...